Sunday, September 29, 2013

This town is too small for both of us...

Friday night, we played at Legends of the Old West.
A citizen wants to create a new restaurant in town, but there is a problem : The boss of the local saloon doesn't want a competitor.  The boss decides to set fire to the building site with the help of his best customer (a drunken mexican) and some banditos. To protect the building site, the cook is helped by the sheriff, his deputies and some vigilantes.

 The boss of the local saloon

 The sheriff ready to protect the building site

 The two competitors in a duel... Sawed-off shotgun against sixgun

The mexican ready to set fire 

 In fact no... The sheriff oversees the site

After three hours of game, the cook was killed and the site was in flame. A nice game !

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  1. Lot of fun, as usual. But the game was not much longer than two hours. Quick and fun!
    By the way, nice shots from Vince.