Friday, November 8, 2013

The house, tutorial

So, here is the clearest picture of the house that Roro has found. There, you can see the chimney pipe. What is not clearly visible is that a part of the house is done with stones and the remaining is done with wood boards.

 At first, I use some mdf (4mm) to do the socle. The house is done with foam board

I use some textured cardboard for the stone wall and the chimney.  

Doors and windows are made with balsa glued on cardboard. Remember that the the more details you create, the more realistic the overall will be.

The part of the house built with wood is done with balsa (1mm) glued on the foam board. To represent the boards, I use a ballpoint pen.

The wood is paint in clear brown, cleared in beige and white (windows on the stone wall are painted before gluing). 

The roof is done with cardboard cut to represent the slates. 

That's done...