Sunday, September 29, 2013

This town is too small for both of us...

Friday night, we played at Legends of the Old West.
A citizen wants to create a new restaurant in town, but there is a problem : The boss of the local saloon doesn't want a competitor.  The boss decides to set fire to the building site with the help of his best customer (a drunken mexican) and some banditos. To protect the building site, the cook is helped by the sheriff, his deputies and some vigilantes.

 The boss of the local saloon

 The sheriff ready to protect the building site

 The two competitors in a duel... Sawed-off shotgun against sixgun

The mexican ready to set fire 

 In fact no... The sheriff oversees the site

After three hours of game, the cook was killed and the site was in flame. A nice game !

Monday, September 23, 2013

Roger's Rangers

 Roger's rangers was initially a provincial company from the colony of New Hampshire, attached to the British army during the Seven years war. It was trained by the Major Robert Rogers as a rapidly deployable light infantry force tasked mainly with reconnaissance as well as conducting special operations against distant targets.

I use to clear some areas on my miniatures (like the skin) with the base color after the shading with the "quick shade".

Most of them wear some indian leggins or use tomahawks instead of the traditional knife.

 Note that there are various tones of green, to represent the fact that there is no official production for their clothes.

Monday, September 16, 2013

Les compagnies franches de la marine

The Compagnies franches de la marine was the main organization for the defence of New France from 1683 to 1755. In 1683, the Naval Department of France began using the Compagnies to defend the fur trade and the local civilians. They were superseded by the arrival of large units of the army under Montcalm in 1756. The Compagnies ceased to exist in Canada after the fall of Montreal in 1760.
This is a typical small unit for "Muskets and Tomahawks".

Thursday, September 12, 2013

New game, new miniatures, new way of painting...

This week, I decided to start my "Muskets and Tomahawks" project. Fifty awesome miniatures from "Conquest" on my desk, some 25mm bases from "Warbase" and several "Osprey" books... I was ready to launch the game.
I told myself that it was the time to change my method of painting. I was staring at the "Army printer" quick shade can and said "ok... it's time"
I started to paint twenty five years ago and I know that there is no magic way of painting but I have to admit that this stuff is downright amazing. You paint your miniature without clearing it up, you dip it in the pot and "Ta Ta...!!!", you have wonderfull shades. After several times I realised that the "strong tone" has some limits. On the clearest colours like the jacket of the soldier on the right, the contrast with the shades was too strong. So, I decided to use some "white spirit" on a brush to remove the excess of "quick shade". After drying, I cleared up the clearest areas like skins, white shirts, with my base color. Then, I applied matte varnish. I'm very happy with the result. Look at the indians heads or at the suede coat...

Sunday, September 8, 2013

The Farm

Here is the farm. It could be used in many games like "Legends of the old west" or "A divided nation". We used it in a Lotow gunfight to play one of the scenes of the movie "The devil's reject". Sure that soon, Marv will go there to find a yellow bastard...

The house

The barn

The water windmill

Monday, September 2, 2013

The good, the bad and the ugly

Here are some "Artizan Design" minis. The good, the bad and the ugly. Awesome miniatures I used last week for the scenario "There are two kinds of people...". It's one of the things I prefer in this game, playing the films I like...

Sunday, September 1, 2013

"There are two kinds of people" : The Battle report

The game is based on the scenario "Hang em' high".  Tuco has been sentenced to death by hanging. Blondie has recovered the reward and is coming in town to make a last-gasp rescue attempt. Unfortunately, a union officer, has gladly taken the job of ensuring that the sentence is carried out...

The sheriff, four upstanding citizens, the officer and two soldiers (Frontier) deploy within 6" of the short table edge nearest the gallows (in fact a tree).
Blondie (the unknown gunfighter / Showdown), the brother of Tuco (mexican bandito) and six toughs set up within 6" of the opposite short edge.
In addition, there are eight innocent bystanders in the scenario. They are deployed in a ring, roughly 6" away from the gallow.
The hanging will commence on turn 10. The attackers can shootin' the rope on a 6 or cut it during the combat phase. Tuco has to come out the town to win the game.

 Tuco on the crate

Blondie and the brother of Tuco are coming in town

The sheriff, is waiting for the banditos

  Blondie in a duel against an upstanding citizen

The brother of Tuco, ready to shoot the sheriff

After six turns, Blondie has cut the top with his wincheter (first shot). the officer and most of upstanding citizens were killed. It was impossible for the sheriff to stop Blondie and Tuco.

The good : "Just like old times... One, two, three, Four, Five for you, Five for me... You know how much you worth now...?
Tuco : "How much...?"
The good : "2000 dollars..."