Thursday, September 12, 2013

New game, new miniatures, new way of painting...

This week, I decided to start my "Muskets and Tomahawks" project. Fifty awesome miniatures from "Conquest" on my desk, some 25mm bases from "Warbase" and several "Osprey" books... I was ready to launch the game.
I told myself that it was the time to change my method of painting. I was staring at the "Army printer" quick shade can and said "ok... it's time"
I started to paint twenty five years ago and I know that there is no magic way of painting but I have to admit that this stuff is downright amazing. You paint your miniature without clearing it up, you dip it in the pot and "Ta Ta...!!!", you have wonderfull shades. After several times I realised that the "strong tone" has some limits. On the clearest colours like the jacket of the soldier on the right, the contrast with the shades was too strong. So, I decided to use some "white spirit" on a brush to remove the excess of "quick shade". After drying, I cleared up the clearest areas like skins, white shirts, with my base color. Then, I applied matte varnish. I'm very happy with the result. Look at the indians heads or at the suede coat...

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