Sunday, September 1, 2013

"There are two kinds of people" : The Battle report

The game is based on the scenario "Hang em' high".  Tuco has been sentenced to death by hanging. Blondie has recovered the reward and is coming in town to make a last-gasp rescue attempt. Unfortunately, a union officer, has gladly taken the job of ensuring that the sentence is carried out...

The sheriff, four upstanding citizens, the officer and two soldiers (Frontier) deploy within 6" of the short table edge nearest the gallows (in fact a tree).
Blondie (the unknown gunfighter / Showdown), the brother of Tuco (mexican bandito) and six toughs set up within 6" of the opposite short edge.
In addition, there are eight innocent bystanders in the scenario. They are deployed in a ring, roughly 6" away from the gallow.
The hanging will commence on turn 10. The attackers can shootin' the rope on a 6 or cut it during the combat phase. Tuco has to come out the town to win the game.

 Tuco on the crate

Blondie and the brother of Tuco are coming in town

The sheriff, is waiting for the banditos

  Blondie in a duel against an upstanding citizen

The brother of Tuco, ready to shoot the sheriff

After six turns, Blondie has cut the top with his wincheter (first shot). the officer and most of upstanding citizens were killed. It was impossible for the sheriff to stop Blondie and Tuco.

The good : "Just like old times... One, two, three, Four, Five for you, Five for me... You know how much you worth now...?
Tuco : "How much...?"
The good : "2000 dollars..."


  1. Vincent, your photos are amazing... Thanks a lot !

  2. Fine game, cool minis, amazing buildings and very nice photos. Finally, it's good to get old...
    A great time and Tuco is free as hell, GROOVY!!!!

  3. Hello, it was a great evening with a great set with great figures and beautiful buildings wargame. This skirmish exchange Orcs and Elves as seen frequently on the tables skirmish. For future photos, it will be a pleasure to give life to these mythical scenes. Good job all.

    Oops, I forgot, "But where is the Chinese?" (Inside Joke)

  4. Yeah, that was cool! Lotow is definitely a very good system.

    The pictures are just a blast! As you said Vincent, they really give life to the scene, very good job on that.

    My poor Sheriff has been fooled by the luck of the 2 badguys, and for the US soldiers... well cavalry is always late, isn't it?

    Next time, Tuco will eat dirt...

  5. Sorry Roro, the good and the bandito were tough guys. Next Time you'll play Django and the Dr Schultz...