Tuesday, December 2, 2014

The Mohawks, a post that is not going to please Roro

From the eastern Algonkian, "flesh eaters"; in their own language, Ganienkeh, "people of the place of the flint". Originally located along the Mohawk river wets of Schoharie Creek, the Mohawks belong to the Iroquoy Confederacy.
During the era of the French and indian War (also known as the Seven Years' War), Mohawks were allied to the British forces.
These figures come from "Conquest Miniatures" and are typical of the iroquois look : An european fabric shirt, leggings with no garters below the knee like the Hurons, breechclout, and moccasins. The body was usually painted or tattooed, and the hair shaven except for a tuft at the crown which had braided locks and feathers attached. Face paint was usually red.
Next time, the Hurons

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