Monday, December 15, 2014

Monsieur de Reyniac

We have tested Muskets and Tomahawks for the first time. The system is fast, lively and full of surprises. The fact of not having neither turns based on move-shot-fight, or regularity in order between the armies completely confuse the issue. We have to act quickly and to take risks.

The party opposed the French and English:

The French side: A handsome young officer of the Compagnies franches de la marine, Mr. de Reyniac, had to wait Jean Dubois (a fur trader) at his farm to get informations about the presence of English forces in the region. He decided to wait for Dubois in the company of Jeanne, Dubois's daughter, his secret love (side plot: Romance). A group of Huron, the Tsawehoni family was also there to wait Dubois. Their goal: Defence.

Captain Reygnac (trait: charismatic)
8 Compagnies franches d ela marine
4 Huron
Militiamen 6 (Dubois and friends)
Jeanne (civil)

English side : Lieutenant Milton, an old veteran of Roger's Rangers arrived at Dubois's farm and saw Reyniac and his men. He said himself that capture one of these men might be interesting (side plot: prisoner), their goal: Engagement.

Lieutenant Milton (trait: competent)
6 Roger's Rangers
4 Mohawks
4 Mohawks

English forces arrived hidden (a funny system that will have more interest on a large table). Alerted, the French went out of the farm to attack them, but lack the Dubois reinforcement that came in the third round and the protection of homes, they were quickly decimate.
English killed 2/3 of the French troops. Reyniac died before he could protect Jeanne. A further tragedy in New France...

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