Sunday, January 18, 2015

The last of the Mohicans - The first battle

Friday, we played Musket and Tomahawk. It was an adaptation from a scene in the film "The last of the Mohicans". Lieutenant Duncan Heyward accompanies the daughters of the Colonel Munro, Cora and Alice to the Fort William Henry to find their father.Their guide, Magua, who impersonates a Mohawk is in fact a Huron, faithful to french. During the path, Magua and is war party ambushes the british forces...

The road to fort William Henry

 Magua, the guide, Major Duncan, eleven regular soldiers, eight rangers, Cora, Alice and three civilians.

Betrayal is revealed, Magua kills a soldier and his war party (twenty natives and a chief) starts the attack. The game was short. After two rounds of play, the Hurons had decimated 2/3 of the english forces (their objective). English forces have almost forgotten that their objective was to cross the table. All this has turned into a pitched battle... A great battle...
Romaric, you were a great player, you honor your Wendat ancestors

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  1. Death in New-France is swift and bloody!
    The english should think twice the next time they come to our lands!

    Great game, may be a bit unfair for the english, as all the luck was with us. Only 6 braves died, and we took all the white men/women scalps !